Jeff Robinson’s Neighborhoods Plan

After spending the past four years on City Council, three of those years now as President of City Council, I knew that it was time for a change in how our citizens are served. To do my part, I decided to run to serve as your mayor.

My campaign’s slogan, Putting Muncie First, is a declaration of what I believe needs accomplished based on what I’ve heard from so many of our neighbors and individuals who contribute to make Muncie a safer, healthier, and more prosperous community. Getting back to basics and taking care of first things first has been the prevailing message conveyed to me by thousands of residents.

Putting Muncie First is a four-part plan based on People-Focused Policies, Restoring Infrastructure, Championing Local Businesses and Integrity through Ethical Governance.


Within this plan, focused on my People-Focused Policies, is a framework that my team and I, along with members of our community, will utilize to preserve and improve our neighborhoods. Through practical plans of action, we can increase our quality of life and start to secure our best future possible by doing basic things well, especially for people and families who experience day-to-day struggles.