Jeff Robinson's Roadmap to Restoring Infrastructure

The Roadmap for Paving Muncie (RPM) is a strategic $20 million revenue bond project to pave 82 lane miles of Muncie streets over the next four years.

Jeff and his team of experienced planners have found that these impactful projects can be funded through a variety of already established state revenue funds like the Wheel Tax, local Motor Vehicle Highway distributions, LRS, as well as local EDIT & TIF funds.

Thanks to bold visions and meticulous planning, we can create bonds, paying about $1.9M a year with funds left over.

Elect Jeff Robinson for Mayor

My name is Jeff Robinson and I’m running for Muncie Mayor.  

Muncie is my hometown. I was born here. I’ve built my career here. I’ve lived in and loved this community my whole life.  

My entire career has been about serving this community, from the Muncie Visitors Bureau to my current role as Muncie’s City Council President. I’ve spent my career serving this city and its residents because I believe in Putting Muncie First.  

As the next Mayor of Muncie, that’s exactly what I’ll do. 

Putting Muncie First means:  

  • People-Focused Policies
  • Restoring Infrastructure
  • Championing Local Businesses
  • Integrity through Ethical Governance

People-Focused Policies

Some believe that there’s little that can be done to reduce acts of violence, especially in a city where nearly one in three people live in poverty. It’s been proven though that the solution to our problem can be found using a collaborative approach through short- and long-term strategies.

None of us needs to be an expert to know that many of our neighborhoods suffer from blight, a lack of quality housing, the negative impacts caused by the disease of addiction and the suffering caused by being homeless. There are portions of our city that lack availability of a grocery store, basic financial services and, for some areas, access to healthcare. And, while it would be nice to expand our park system, taking care of the parks we have should be our first priority.

Election Day is November 7th