Jeff Robinson is a Muncie guy, born and raised. He was born at Ball Memorial Hospital and attended Anthony and Storer Elementary Schools, Northside Middle School, Muncie Central, and Ball State University. 

His career exemplifies his desire to Put Muncie First and serve his community. He promoted Muncie through the Muncie Visitors Bureau and the Horizon Convention Center. He advocated the opportunities to learn, grow, and develop at Cornerstone Center for Arts. And currently, he is the Development Director for Shafer Leadership Academy, connecting people, organizations, and communities with leadership development training to build better leaders for Muncie.  

But Muncie is more than its community institutions. Muncie is the people. And there is one thing that marks someone as a Munsonian: grit.  

As a Muncie man through and through, Jeff embodies the guts, determination, resiliency, and backbone of a Munsonian. He struggled in high school. He was just getting his career started when the Great Recession hit. He’s had to start his life over several times.  

But just like a true Munsonian, and the city itself, Jeff has persevered.  

“You don’t get any more Muncie than a guy like me. I’ve fought the fight. I understand what people have been through. And the reason I am here today, and willing to run for Mayor, is because of the people in this city who stuck their necks out to help me. I serve and do what I do to honor their commitment to me.” 

Jeff Robinson is the current Muncie City Council President and City Council Representative for District 2. His eagerness to work with everyone, no matter their political affiliation, and his ability to find compromise and consensus got him elected by a Republican majority to be City Council President in 2021. He leads with fairness, empathy, and open communication.  

Through his strong leadership, the City Council has focused its efforts on the concerns of Muncie’s neighborhoods.  

For example, Jeff was instrumental in advocating the community’s rejection of the city administration’s proposal to sell public land at Tuhey Park for a new YMCA facility. 

As City Council President, Jeff assembled a diverse committee and created a plan for the fair and inclusive distribution of $31.7 million from the American Rescue Plan to the community. Jeff’s efforts are already having an impact on Muncie neighborhoods, such as Whitely and blighted single-family housing across the city.  

Jeff is a community champion and advocate with a proven track record of working with everyone—community leaders, local businesses, and neighbors—to make decisions that put Muncie residents and local businesses first.