Endorsement: Beth A. Messner


Jeff has demonstrated a strong commitment to Muncie’s neighborhoods. As a member of City Council, he attends our neighborhood meetings and participates in our projects. When we have questions or concerns about issues such as parking or lighting, Jeff has helped us get answers. He shows up with a shovel for our annual tree planting events and rides the trucks during our annual spring clean up. When Tuhey Park was threatened with private development, he made sure that our concerns were heard by City Council. This is why my vote for Mayor goes to Jeff.

– Beth A. Messner

Endorsement: Sally Jo Vasicko

Throughout my term on the Beech Grove Cemetery Board of Trustees, Jeff’s follow through on questions asked by board members and his consistent willingness to assist us provided us the information we needed to do our job responsibly. Jeff is mindful of the concerns of others and if he doesn’t know an answer, he will make every effort to find one. I think his leadership skills will help Muncie meet the needs of the community and its residents.

I’m supporting Jeff Robinson to become Muncie’s next mayor and I am hopeful that you will give him careful consideration when voting on November 7th.

– Sally Jo Vasicko

Endorsement: Tom Carey

Barber leaning on chairI’m supporting Jeff Robinson because he has strong leadership qualities and will be a real leader for the citizens of Muncie. Jeff is an excellent communicator and demonstrates genuine concern for Muncie citizens. Jeff presents himself as a man of integrity and is passionate about serving all Muncie citizens, not only those who consider themselves to be in a higher class than others. Jeff really seems to be for the people, and he has shown in his role as a city councilman that he will take the time to investigate matters and execute decisions that are in the best interest of Muncie residents. I’m voting for Jeff Robinson because Muncie deserves a mayor for the people, a mayor who is present and accessible, and a mayor who has the courage to lead. Simply put, Muncie deserves better.
– Tom Carey, Owner
Carey’s Superior Barber Shop
908 E. Willard St., Muncie

Endorsement: Sue Errington

Jeff Robinson is the leader Muncie needs. I’ve seen him work across the aisle to unite City Council for the greater good of the community and I’ve seen him take visionary stands that set him apart. Qualities I see in Jeff are courage, intelligence and the ability to relate to Muncie’s diverse citizens.

– Sue Errington, Representative
   Indiana House District 34

Endorsement: Andrew Dale

Jeff’s our advocate for a shared table, where open book budgeting and responsible spending plans will put us in a far better position to tackle first-things-first so that efforts of community-supported significance can be achieved for the people of Muncie. Putting Muncie First starts with electing Jeff Robinson as our mayor.

– Andrew Dale