Help Local Businesses Succeed

We need to encourage and assist locally owned businesses to open and incentivize existing businesses to grow. Offering tax abatements and other incentives to national chains that compete with locally owned businesses should be more restrictive and more carefully considered.

We need to look at the local building codes (state vs local) and work with local businesses to make it easier to comply. It shouldn’t matter who the person opening, or expanding a business, is. We need to be fair, and to encourage local citizens to open businesses. We need to do what we can, as a community, to help them be successful.

Every $100 spent at a local business returns $68 to the local economy vs the same $100 at a corporate chain which only yields $43.  Local retailers spend more than twice as much buying goods and services from other local businesses. They bank locally, hire local accountants, attorneys, designers, contractors, and other professionals; advertise in local media, and source inventory from local firms.