Endorsement: Tom Carey

Barber leaning on chairI’m supporting Jeff Robinson because he has strong leadership qualities and will be a real leader for the citizens of Muncie. Jeff is an excellent communicator and demonstrates genuine concern for Muncie citizens. Jeff presents himself as a man of integrity and is passionate about serving all Muncie citizens, not only those who consider themselves to be in a higher class than others. Jeff really seems to be for the people, and he has shown in his role as a city councilman that he will take the time to investigate matters and execute decisions that are in the best interest of Muncie residents. I’m voting for Jeff Robinson because Muncie deserves a mayor for the people, a mayor who is present and accessible, and a mayor who has the courage to lead. Simply put, Muncie deserves better.
– Tom Carey, Owner
Carey’s Superior Barber Shop
908 E. Willard St., Muncie